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In the field of personnel management, there are often possibilities to obtain subsidies and benefits, especially where social entrepreneurship is concerned.  The government offers incentives to encourage employers to hire disadvantaged individuals who might otherwise have difficulty finding gainful employment. For example:

  • Young disabled people on invalidity (Wajong) benefit
  • People aged 56 and over
  • Work-disabled people who fall within the Participation Act
    • People with a disability
    • People with a medical condition
  • Low-come workers

Do you know where to go to get subsidies or support for employees who fall in these categories? We can help you!



Fiscal benefits within payroll administration

Company car
Are you aware that there are cost-saving opportunities within payroll administration? What is the record-keeping process for company cars?  What benefits are there for you, as an employer, and for your employees?

Work-related costs scheme
Have you considered the work-related costs scheme (WKR)? This scheme enables you to spend part of your total taxable wage (a maximum of 1.2% of the total tax payroll, the so-called ‘discretionary scope’) on tax-free allowances and provisions for your employees through zero valuations and specific exemptions. Furthermore, reimbursements for so-called intermediate costs do not qualify as wage for Dutch wage tax purposes.  Is your head spinning already? We can clear up questions and guide you through this process!

Cross-border employment

30% ruling
The 30% ruling is a Dutch tax exemption for skilled employees who are hired abroad to work in the Netherlands. If various conditions are met, you can pay 30% of their salary as a tax-free allowance. Do you have employees that may be eligible for the 30% tax ruling but don’t know how to apply it correctly? Don’t hesitate to fire your questions our way!

Salary split
Do you have employees who spend time working abroad on assignments for you, for example in Belgium? Did you know that if part of the total salary is taxed in another country, the tax office will grant an exemption?  The split salary arrangement can be beneficial to both you and your employees. We are happy to advise you. Contact us!

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