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Absence guidance

Most employees try to be absent as little as possible and fulfil their duties to the satisfaction of their employers. Nevertheless, absenteeism – whether persistent or intermittent short-term absenteeism – is a reality for most organisations.

What are your rights and duties as an employer? What steps must be taken to inform the UWV or Occupational Health and Safety Service, or to reintegrate the employee back to work? What tasks can employees perform during their illness or reintegration phase, if any?

These are questions that should be addressed. We provide advice and guidance on managing sickness absence. We can help you find a solution for absenteeism in the workplace and will make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

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Gatekeeper Improvement Act

Employee absenteeism is something that is to be expected in every workplace. Unfortunately, people get sick and injuries happen. But in the event of long-term illness or workplace absence caused by an employment dispute, urgent action is often needed to manage the situation. Absenteeism guidance is the first step, but it is possible that more action is needed. We can offer advice and guide you through this process.

Occupational Health and Safety Service

Employee absenteeism is a reality for most organisations. Managing absenteeism can be a complex and challenging management function, especially for large organisations. How do you keep track of absenteeism and tardiness of your employees? Do you have absenteeism policies in place? Who is responsible for what? We can help you to develop a policy on absenteeism for your organisation and support you with its implementation.

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