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Mediation and counsellor

We can offer the following services in the field of mediation and counselling:

  • Employment dispute
  • Personal coaching
  • On-the-job coaching
  • Internal or external confidential counsellor

Sometimes it may not be possible to reach an agreement on your own. Mediation can then be a useful means of resolving issues. A mediator is a neutral third party who guides the discussion and provides objectivity to the dispute resolution process between the clients. Rather than determine who is right or wrong, the role of the mediator is to listen to both sides of a dispute in order to arrive at a solution that is workable and acceptable to all parties. The goal is to help clients find a solution themselves – one that both feel comfortable with. Mediation can therefore generate multiple solutions to a dispute and produce a win-win situation.

At work, employees may be confronted by various forms of inappropriate behaviour, such as bullying, sexual intimidation, discrimination or aggression. It helps if the employee affected can turn to a confidential counsellor from outside the organisation to discuss his or her problems. For reasons of integrity, this won’t be done by a mediator that Advado works with. The mediator will provide an external resource to which employees can speak.

Coaching has gained considerable popularity over the past few years and is being used by more and more people as a successful tool for transformation. Coaching is a form of personal guidance where you work together with a coach on a personal goal or problem. It can also help you to become more self-aware and bring out the best in yourself.  You will be confronted with your own behaviour, stimulated and challenged. Coaching is for people who are eager to change and grow, and who want to actively participate in their personal development.  This can be done individually or in a team setting.

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