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Does your company have employees but no HR department? Would you like to further develop or improve your HRM processes? Or would you like to exchange knowledge on HRM practices? Then Advado is the right partner for you.



HR subscription service

Our HR subscription service has been developed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses without an in-house HR adviser. All companies have HR needs, but many lack the time or expertise to handle those tasks internally.

With our HR module, which is linked to our payroll service, you are assured of tailored HR solutions that can be made available whenever they are required.

Tailor-made support

Would you like to get on-demand HR advice when you need it? For a fixed amount per month, you can make use of our telephone or e-mail service. The monthly fixed price includes an agreed-upon number of hours of advice or support which can be used at your own discretion for HR-related queries.

If are looking for a flexible solution at an affordable price, then our HR subscription service is perfect for you.

What’s included in our HR subscription service?

  • Personal introductory meeting of 1.5 hours to exchange information and discuss expectations.
  • Fixed number of HR advice/support hours per year for HR queries and requests (via telephone or e-mail).
  • These hours can be used at your own discretion according to your support needs.
  • Reduced hourly rate for additional hours for policy-related HR issues or interim solutions.

Online advice and support at a fixed rate. Our rates are fixed annually so there are no surprises or sudden hikes.

Advice & Support

HR advisory activities

We provide guidance and advice in the following HR areas:

  • Job and task descriptions
  • Employment contracts or employment contract amendments
  • Conditions of employment
  • Employee performance improvement plans
  • Sickness and absenteeism policies
  • Employment termination issues
  • Drawing up employee handbooks
  • Setting up recruitment and selection processes

HR support activities

We provide support in the following HR areas:

  • Recruitment & selection
  • Setting up HR departments
  • Creating and managing personnel files
  • Drafting company rules and regulations
  • Salary scale classification
  • Performance and appraisal reviews

With our HR subscription service, we offer support at all stages of employment, from recruitment to termination.

Advado online knowledge database
Our HR subscription service also provides you with access to our online knowledge database. Our database provides detailed information on all HR-related subjects. In addition to information, it also includes videos, forms and checklists which are available for download, and descriptions of cases studies. Want to find out more? View  our knowledge database.

If you would like to access our knowledge database, please contact us at or +31- (0)345568536.

Choose your subscription:


  • Introductory meeting (1.5 hours)
  • An average of 1 hour per month of advice/support (12 hours per year)


  • Introductory meeting (1.5 hours)
  • An average of 2 to 6 hours per month of advice/support (24 to 72 hours per year)


  • Introductory meeting (1.5 hours)
  • An average of 7 to 10 hours per month of advice/support (84 to 120 hours per year)

Extra Large

  • Introductory meeting (1.5 hours)
  • On average more than 10 hours per month of advice/support (up to a maximum of 200 hours per year


All subscriptions can be terminated with a notice period of one calendar month. Upon termination, the hours will be calculated proportionally.


Subscriptions are evaluated in the final month of the agreed-upon initial term. Based on this evaluation, you can choose to terminate, extend or upgrade your subscription to the service.

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